Espionage Cosmetics + Stardew Valley

We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Espionage Cosmetics on some especially exciting Stardew Valley merch!

Espionage Cosmetics have been creating makeup and nail wraps inspired by their nerdy passions since 2011, and they are really really good at what they do, having partnered with brands like The Wicked and the Divine and Borderlands!

Now they’re partnering up with us to bring Stardew Valley nail wraps into the world! Look look look!


I didn’t know that I needed these until they became a thing, and now that they are a thing I’m gonna need about 20 packs of them. And while there aren’t any nail salons in Pelican Town, if there were I’d like to think they’d specialize in making your nails look like the Valley.

These nail wraps are available for pre-order via Espionage Cosmetics now!

Espionage Cosmetics is also hosting a Stardew Valley key giveaway – enter for a chance to win a Stardew Valley key on the platform of your choice. 🙂