Finishing Up Starbound 1.0

Hello Guys,

I’ve decided here would be a good place to talk about what’s left to do in getting to Starbound 1.0, as this post is going to be full of spoilers and I’d rather not post it on the Starbound front page for unsuspecting visitors. So SPOILERS AHEAD! I’d suggest ignoring this post entirely if you just want the best Starbound experience, but I know some people out there are very interested in development.

Of course everything here is subject to change, nothing is a promise or a contract. It’s purely what we’re working on right now.

So first I wanted to share a diagram of the games crafting progression. This isn’t entirely all inclusive and definitely doesn’t contain every item you can possibly craft. But it will give you a sense of the overall path through the game in terms of producing new tech and can be compared with the nightly builds to track progress to completion.

Click the image below to view the tech tree:



The next diagram displays the players progression through the universe, as well as the obstacles that block off parts of the universe in typical metroidvania fashion.



And here is a (summarised + non exhaustive) list of major tasks left to complete before 1.0

* balance armor and health stats so:
 if monster level = armor level > Take 7 monster bites to die
 if monster level = armor level +1 > Take 3 monster bites to die
* balance energy stats so:
 if gun level = armor level = monster level > be able to shoot long enough to kill 1.5 / 2 monsters (assuming no misses)
 if staff level = armor level > allow two staff shots before 0 energy
* recolour/switch art/switch stats of higher tier swords to match the split armor tiers
* Create garden biome to replace grasslands, add pine trees. Make it the starter planet
* Add ability to assign biome to instanced dungeons
* Add engine ability to search for starter system that matches requirements
* choose tier for each tech, drastically balance each tech, make them more like skills learned at certain intervals throughout the game
* implement roadblock status effects + back items that negate them, add protection effect to subsequent armors.
* Once all staves complete, balance staves so:
 if staff level = monster level > kill monster in 1 hit with slow charging staff
* Balance branching armors
* Add element to each main biome that encourages return for the entire game, i.e. bandages/cloth from forests.
* Get mission selection UI working
* Get mission reward system working
* improve Z leveling
* improve Drawables
* optimize particles
* add fossil system
* add pets
* add nebulae
* Complete missions:
 Moon base mission
 Avian mission
 Apex Mission
 Floran Mission
 Glitch Mission
 Hylotl Mission
 Human Mission 
 Tentacle mission
* Balance manipulators and look at where the upgrade should come / should we remove other mining tools
* Remove weapons that can attack with two different swoosh effects (if not done already)
* Implement generated quest system
* create Alien biome
* create City biome
* Implement block protection system
* Add unbreakable blocks as a planet property
* Add player built space station system
* Add player statues
* Add player weapons/hats

* Add player NPC names

* Add Credits
* Finish Novakid armors, weaponry and furniture

* Finish/implement contest monsters and hats

We’re going to be releasing a stable update once the tech tree can be progressed through from start to finish, after that we’re going to be focusing on finishing up this todo list for 1.0. Which we are aiming for this year, but could go into next. It takes as long as it takes to get it all done, but we’re working as fast as we can.

Post 1.0 we have a whole bunch of content and updates planned, but I’ll go into those at a later date.

Hopefully this gives some insight into where we are and what we’re working with. And if you want to experience this content on a piece by piece basis, opt into our nightly builds but expect an unstable/save breaking experience.




  1. I claim this post in the name of Robert of the house Baratheon, first of his name, king of the Andals and the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm.

    1. Fir- damnit!

      Looks pretty neat guys c:
      I have a couple of questions though:
      Will lower tier ores be found on higher tier planets as well as the higher tier ores? It annoys me when i run out of iron in the late game. Or is that intentional to make players visit a greater variety of planets?
      Will tiers 5-6 planets feature one of the branching ores, or multiple? I would prefer one selected at random, viewable from the planet scanner.
      Will ores, especially the higher tier ones, be rare to find on the surface, but common underground? Right now, in the stable branch, i usually just comb the surface for ores, and miss out on all the cool underground minidungeons.

        1. I have a idea about the space fight mechanic
          FTL : Faster than light has a good space fight mechanic, you can ask the creator of FTL to borrow it and modify it
          Or just make your own, i don’t care about that and that would be cool

          More ideas :
          If the player wins, he will get a reward of pixels,weapons,spaceship weapons or a item for completing a quest

          If the player’s ship gets destroyed, the player will lose quater of his pixels (three quaters in hardcore and a 15% chance to lose 1 or 5 items)(At permadeath, you know it! game over!)

          Ship health (or hull) will increase in upgrades
          Each time you upgrade your ship your hull HP will increase by 50 and a increased chance of finding more dangerous oppoments with upgraded ships and more weapons

          On planets you can find repair stations (on their surface of course) that will give you the ability to repair your ship for pixels 5 HP will cost 15 pixels each and a complete repair option

          And that’s all
          I hope it helped (at least a bit)

    1. Indeed. I’m interested in Kyren’s scripting update the most right now. One of the mod projects I worked on had me trying to do some crazy gymnastics to store variables and trying to find ways to alter character values.

      Such things aren’t really visible to the user, so I can understand not listing it on the game plan.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’m glad we have an idea of where you are at and what you are working on. This is a big step towards allaying fears about the game.

    I’m guessing this list isn’t exhaustive. Are Hylotl cities and water planets still coming? Do you still plan to make vehicles standalone and not tech slots? Is planet colonization still planned? Procedurally generated quests? Monster taming system? I’d be curious to hear how complete the above list is for 1.0.

  3. Hi! That’s really great, Finn, but what about:
    * “Work, plant and build for pixels” thing
    * NPCs actions depends on a house you’ve built (unlockable store items)
    * Dungeons with devices (which you need to destroy to be able remove dungeon blocks and etc.)
    * Plants (bushes and grass) regrowing system
    * Random quests (given by items and npcs)
    * Water that pushes player (like in very early gameplay video)
    * Finishing fishes
    * Finishing arm sprites for new combat system
    * Live nature (crickets, fireflies and etc. “live decorations”)
    * Vehicles
    * Consumables special effects
    * Pet system (dogs, cats, bugs) *pre-order thing*
    * Fossils *pre-order thing*
    * Finished party mechanics and chat system
    * Admin tools
    * What happened to blueprints drops (kill monsters to craft new stuff)?
    * Crouching and being able to move up and down using ladders are cancelled completely?

    I’d really love to know if not all, but at least most of these things 🙂
    I hope most of it still in the works.

  4. Why even supply an estimated date? Not once has Starbound met one of these in its entire history of development. Valve could learn a thing or two from the pace of Starbound’s development. We should just call it ‘Chucklefish Time’ for now on.

      1. I could name some but this was before the tech hype. but Mario 64, zelda oot and mm, halo 1, halo 2, halo 3. yes some games break your logic, BUT you do have a point and that only companies that care about the game will do everything in there power to help it realize its full potential by giving us a full game at the start. except diablo 3 which is a failure in most aspects compared to the expectations set by its predecessors. delayed 5 years and still broken as fuck after 10 “fixes”

  5. Of course my comment is awaiting moderation. All you guys do is snub criticism. Otherwise I’d voice my concerns in a more reasonable manner.

    1. All comments are moderated until the user has at least one approved comment. Helps to filter out spam. However, your perception that “all we do is snub criticism” is not a license for you to be less reasonable.

  6. Thank you Mollygos, Sincerely haha you made my day with replies, And I am really Enjoying the game and awaiting the updates, I am going to be checking this thing religiously so I can see whats next, you guys got me hooked in the game lets see how good it gets! haha

    take care guys and ladies.

  7. I’ve been waiting for so long to see this game come along. 3rd post I’ve seen about your daily works and everything just keeps the suspense in wanting to wait to play it over again. To me the work almost seems like a new game while keeping the original base of the game. I love the idea of your guys communication of daily projects. Thank you truly for making this wonderful game and going through with it.

  8. Hate to break it to you Molly, but I think Robert died…

    On the blog… awesome! Can´t wait for 1.0!!
    But take your time, no need to rush things, make Starbound the best it can be (and will be) 🙂

  9. Hello, so does this all mean that unstable version of Starbound is canceled and will not receive updates anymore so that the only versions that will receive updates are stable and nightly builds? If this is true, I’m sure many people would really appreciate if you put an official announcement about it somewhere since many of us are still using unstable versions and wait for updates with absolutely no idea when it’s going to happen if at all, thanks.

    1. do you even know what nightly builds are?
      here’s a quick rundown of what the terms “stable”, “unstable” and “nightly” mean

      stable generally means the build has been tested, and verified to not contain super-gamebreaking bugs, these versions are usually quite far apart, maybe once a month if you’re extremely lucky
      unstable means it’s been tested to at least run decently, but there’s no guarantee that (major) bugs won’t show up, these are more likely to be released maybe once or twice a week, less if there are major features being added
      nightly means that only a minimal amount of (automated) testing has occurred, but the entire build process is automated, this means that you will have the latest working version of the project, pretty much guaranteed, unless the project is in a state where a functioning executable can not be produced
      (this usually depends on how version control is handled, and as generally only functioning code should be committed to the release branch, the nightly build should almost never fail)

      the unstable version might still be updated in the sense that some of the nightly builds get “promoted” to unstable(at the dev team’s discretion), but for people that mainly want the latest changes in the game, nightly builds are the better option

      1. All this being unrelated to my question, I will ask again, differently if it was not clear enough before. After more than a half of a year of not getting any update from unstable branch, will unstable branch continue to receive more updates eventually or should we consider unstable channel as no longer active? If it will receive more updates, when exactly can we expect them? This question is obviously directed to developers of Starbound, so there is no need for replies from people that are not involved in development of Starbound in any way, thanks.

    2. The point of “unstable”/”quicksand” builds is a buffer zone between devs’ constant fails in Nightly and the (relative) stability of the Stable/Trunk builds. So why are you abandoning your Unstable branch for such a prolonged period? All you do is tease with pics of what is SUPPOSEDLY happening in (actually unusable) Nightlies. Stop teasing, start releasing (at least to Unstable/Quicksand update channel!)

  10. Hi Chuckle fish
    I’ve been wondering if you guys provide work experience,I’ve been following the games progression and would love to meet all the developers/staff working on starbound and to help out and see the office.

  11. So…. According to this, Starbound 1.0 is going to contain NONE of the content promised in your pre-order… Wow, I kinda feel cheated.

    1. Looks like there may be a few things missing, but keep in mind that 1.0 is far from the final version. If they included everything they planned ever, we’d probably waiting until the heat death of the universe to get it.

  12. Every time I see Mollygos post all I can picture is Malygos in a dress and it is hilarious.

    On the note of the blog I’m glad that things are progressing and that you are keeping us up to date on everything even if it’s not coming as fast as we’d like it’s better then being kept in the dark through this all.

  13. Any plans for making it possible to really build your own colonies and the like? You can create spawners for members of your own race, but they don’t really… do much. And it’s sort of disappointing.

    I’d love to make my own colony and planet, and have to worry about that. Potentially create colonists that can do specific tasks and gather resources I can use, but that are risk at being attacked by outsiders and wiped out if I don’t help?

  14. Again, all I’m seeing are “projected” dates. There’s absolutely no substance here. I’m rather amazed that this company has been selling promises for the past year or so.

    It’s hilarious at how gullible folks are. I mean, yeah, I spent $15 on Starbound, which has less content than say Alpha Terraria. But folks are still convinced you’ll get off your laurels and actually do any sort of development. (And no, I don’t mean creating dull flowcharts that equate to a fly’s fart)

    I am truly astonished.

  15. Out of all the beta games I’ve played (and I’ve played a quite a bit), most just have never been finished the way I had hoped or the developers just didn’t give enough devotion to the community. And then they abandon it after post release. But that’s not what I’m expecting from Chucklefish, not in even the slightest way. I’ve watched the development of your game since February of the Valentine’s update (yeah its not since the “very” beginning of beta, but its a long time for me). I have been checking up daily at your dev blog and read with interest on every post. Never had I seen such persistence in a development team who gives an update almost every single day, and then even goes as far as providing nightly builds for the community. I truly wish there were more teams out there like Chucklefish. I believe there’s a lot of developers that could learn a lesson or two from you guys when it comes to responding to the community and just staying persistent. I love you guys, and really am looking forward to the awesome 1.0 release. Thank you for staying cool. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I agree. I have been checking since the VERY BEGINNING so I believe in them too. I hope to see (I know that it’s probably a mod already) a submarine, sold by the guy who sells hoverbikes and boats.

  16. Nice. I’ve been holding off on playing the game more until it gets closer to initial completion, looking forward to checking out the new content and do some questing. My friends and I await your progress eagerly, trembling with anticipation…wait, that’s just me, the whole world looks like it’s shaking because of that though.

  17. Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot! kdgaaegddacbaeeg

  18. Hey you guys! Thanks for getting this blog up. I’ve been following the nightly updates for quite the while now, but I decided to not mess with the opt-in beta. Anyway, you guys are making a wonderful game, and I thought I’d let you know that I’ve already sunken 83 hours into it. In this early, early stage. I plan to accumulate at least ten times that over time. Keep up the great work, and don’t worry about “snubbing criticism”. Most people couldn’t do what you do.
    -Sincerely, Rustfire

  19. * Balance manipulators and look at where the upgrade should come / should we remove other mining tools

    Looking at that line just now, and I can certainly understand the problem. The Matter Manipulator is too cool to ignore, which most people do, at least until upgrading it. So, how about keeping those tools like the pickaxe in the game, but have a planetary condition or weather storm that causes technology to generally not work? I’m thinking of something like the nebulae from FTL specifically causing the ships to have less functionality while in them.

    Also, it would work out a bit better if you could merge the pickaxe with the axe. They make ones that are pointy on one end and an axe head on the other side. So many options here. Could even allow the pickaxe to allow people to latch onto walls. I still think that the drills should only require one hand to use, but I digress.

    Just add other functionality to the older style tools or have them useful in some more specific cases.

    1. Have you ever heard of the nightly builds? Or read the Starbound website? They post on the website almost every day, and the nightly builds are basically the latest code raw off of the build console.

  20. “if monster level = armor level > Take 7 monster bites to die”

    Creating unique monsters with unique looks and abilities and then deciding that all of them require the same amount of bites to kill a player seems flawed. I hope that monster bite damage will be calculated based on the part of their body responsible for biting in addition to their level. I hope the same goes for toughness. Killing a monster in a set amount of hits simply because your weapon is the same level as the monster would be really disappointing.

  21. Great number of improvements, I especially like how slowly the world change so the type of a planet/climate will start to matter. However, I am also worried a bit about associated progression.

    First, I am not sure I like stiff line of technological advancement between biomes. I understand that you want to limit access to rarer resources from the get go, but couldn’t combination of monster difficulty, severity of the climate and class of required tools for mining do instead of strictly going to savannah, ocean and snow planets tier planets or higher?

    I also hope that temperatures and general climatic requirements of biomes will be more fluid. For example, I don’t see why some non-moon planet/biome couldn’t lack atmosphere requiring rebreather, some snow planets need more than just a warm jacket, or some jungle be full of spores deadly to anything but native animal population, requiring environmental suits. Such variation could also add some differences to planets of the same biome – poisoned/radiation filled forest planet may not be accessible to new characters or have any installations of races that should suffer from the climate without proper equipment, but it could also offer certain unique resources or other structures, making the biome feasible to be checked from time to time mid-to-late game, instead of making players claim ‘eh, we have all the resources we may want from garden planets and we don’t care about yet another set of eyecandy furniture, so there’s no point for us to visit those biomes ever again’.

    I also would like to read some more about technological progression. The graph is reasonable, but there are still things that I don’t know regarding technologies and some sillyness that was disappointing to quite a few people and probably would benefit addressing like the robot boss you build then destroy to get it’s chip (wasn’t it the chip one would assume youv’e put in yourself when building it?) or mecha technology, where said mecha is just magically appearing out of nowhere, being turned on and off, making the whole thing underwhelming in comparison with what actually buildable vehicle that one would need to deploy but could use for extended periods of time could be.

    1. I sincerely doubt it’s necessary. While ability to acquire recipes for some more blocks, not just furniture from analysing them would be nice, given that start-game tool will be now upgradeable, stripping places for resources should become easier, at least mid-late game.

  22. Everything looks awesome! On a side note…
    I hate to be that guy, but when you say “in typical metroidvania fashion.” It should really just be “in typical metroid fashion.” A Metroidvania game is really just a Castlevania game that has the exploration aspects of the Metroid series. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people use the term Metroidvania for every single game that is only modeling Metroid and has nothing to do with Castlevania. Again, sorry for being that guy, I’m just hoping less people will make that mistake. And again, the game looks AWESOME, can’t wait!

  23. Sounds straight forward progress until the main game is complete. I’ll be more excited to see where the game’s staff and independent modders will take it from there. Thanks for all the great work!

  24. But you said something about farming and building progression… 🙁

    I’m a builder, I have been playing this game for almost a year, I have no idea how to do the quest after the UFO, or even what it is because i’m so busy building and enjoying that. I dont want to be a warrior class or whatever, I just want to build and farm and protect my buildings and rent out my structures 😀 I guess what you mentioned before about having some of these features is out the window?

  25. Hi ! You made a great work, I’m glad to see Starbound become much more complete at every update !

    I have a lot of question, but two are tingling my starbound-sense :
    – On the official wiki (Starbounder), it’s indicated that since rampaging koala you have planed to reorganize armor tier : impervium is not anymore the only final armor, there is also ferozium and cerulium. I see on the tech diagram that cerulium is now replaced by violium, does it an error ? You already have recolored some Apex sets, so does it going to be changed ? (Actually impervium match with frontliner, cerulium with usurper and ferozium with infiltrator.)
    – Are you going to change the look of other races armors (like human for militarized style) or do you want to keep the actual appearance of every armor and just recolor them ?
    If my theory are right, you are going to use euphotic/disphotic/aphotic style for final hylotls armors, but they doesn’t look as badass as Apex armor (who are REALLY awesome) !

    Anyway, thanks for this release ! Bought a couple of Starbound keys long time ago and didn’t deplore that ! I can’t wait for the release. 😀
    I hope I will not have a strange avatar, the one above me is really ugly.

  26. You are releasing a HUGE feature backlog (including redesigns, implementations of whole new features, balancing existing features, etc.) while saying that you are aiming the release for this year.
    That’s less than four months.
    Why are you doing this? Do you have ANY development / project management concept (I can recommend “SCRUM”)? Or are you trying not to disappoint the community?

      1. Read the post at the top:
        “[…] after that we’re going to be focusing on finishing up this todo list for 1.0. Which we are aiming for this year, but could go into next. […]”

        1. And I was responding under the assumption that this was absolutely a comment under a different post, because all the rest were. I am a doofus. Sorry! Caffeine is going to my head.

          Yes, we are aiming to get Starbound 1.0 out this year.

          1. This is *insane*. I wonder why I am the only one who thinks that this is completely unrealistic…?
            If you manage to implement all this stuff by end of this year, I will be literally blown away. And please excuse me if this sounds insulting – that’s not what I’m intending!

  27. What exactly are fossils going to do? Are they simple cosmetics for collecting, or will there be some kinda DNA station to make cloned creatures outta them?

  28. I was also wondering about the ship to ship battles not being in the list, and if it’s not going to happen; why not let us make/upgrade our own ships with blocks and maybe some tiered pieces? Even some hidden throughout the universe.

  29. Hmm… I might not have read it closely enough, but is there any plan to work on a more dynamic atmosphere system? For example, actual atmosphere generators that do more than just ‘allow you to breathe in a radius’ – I mean actual gases that get sucked out when there’s a breach in a vacuum zone. Being able to colonise asteroid fields would be lovely, as would moon bases that don’t require you to wear a Survival System in your own home.

  30. You guys are AWESOME! seriously, ignore the nay-sayers and those who comment without looking at weekly posts and newsletters, there is a massive fan base that is happy that you actually are looking to do an awesome properly done release of 1.0, and that you actually give us so much info and show us exactly what you’re doing. It’s much appreciated. Thank you for your dedication and pure awesomeness, as well as a fantastic and unique game; I cannot wait for the updates!

  31. Wow, so much hate on the dev team…. Honestly, I’m astonished. If you’d been paying any attention at all to the past year of updates, you’d see they’ve been constantly with the game since the beginning.

    Game development is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re going downhill really fast, posting so much stuff, and everyone’s excited. Then sometimes you gotta go uphill to regain your momentum, and that’s what happening right now.

  32. What I like the most about it all is that the listing above is by no mean close to the real development going on “scale-wise”. I’ve been reading every dev blogs since it started and the amount of improvements done to the game for the upcoming stable version is simply astonishing!

    Personally, I can’t wait anymore.. but sadly the Nightlies just don’t run on my PC and the Unstable version doesn’t have any of the nice stuff yet.

    To every unsatisfied players: Just wait for it, it will be sooooo much better!

    ~a devoted fan

  33. I may have missed it, but was actual, functioning shops on that list? I really hope merchants will be getting a huge overhaul, possibly several if needed.

  34. So… I had a question (it was probably in the list) but I was going back and reading the ‘about’ area on the starbound website and it said that you could be a merchant because I quote ” make regular visits to populated settlements, taking on jobs and earning a living.” So I just wondered if you could be able to maybe craft a stand to trade at and then random NPC’s come at buy or sell things.

  35. Hey I’m glad to see new things coming into the game, I almost thought it was going to stay at 1.0 forever, but just a question on the cut content from the pre 1.0 era, Will we be getting back custom colored dirt and stuff like that, like a wild planet section of the universe where anything will go? I really loved the exploration we had back then and I’m disappointed to see that planets have been streamlined into not too many types.

    Will we possibly be getting new techs one day? more useful “premium” techs maybe, like the old flying techs at the cost of an absurd amount of tech cards and locked by the uhh… example: X sector? Maybe to go along with that bring in more fun to the meteor layer of planets (I actually used the staff that makes a platform enough times to get high enough to see if it was still there)(and it is) And not just the flying techs but can we get a more useful version of our current ones? maybe bring back the bombs but make it more combat capable, maybe make the sonic spin dash do damage, or an offensive/ defensive body tech for those who wish to give up speed and utility.

    or something, I just wish that you guys didn’t cut so much out, I would still like to see it come back in the future. I don’t mind as much because most of the content that was cut seemed to be cut for balancing reasons or for a easier approach to the game, but I do mind that it’s just not there at all.

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