Job Openings @ Heart Forth, Alicia

Alonso Martin is looking for a few talented artists to work on Heart Forth, Alicia!

Heart Forth, Alicia’s 32-bit/Playstation era art style is already well-established, so we need an artist with the ability to emulate the existing sprite style and animations. Creativity and input are welcome, and we have no problem with our artist flexing the style a bit and coming up with their own designs.

We’ve got openings for the following roles:

Environment Artist / Spriter

  • experienced pixel artist
  • paid contract
  • remote work
  • minimum 5 years experience in similar role
  • ability to match HFA’s existing style
  • job includes 5 or 6 environments (tiles, decorations, backgrounds)


Check here for more examples of HFA’s environments.


Concept Artist/Illustrator

  • paid contract
  • remote work
  • minimum 5 years experience in similar role
  • ability to match HFA’s existing style
  • work on promotional materials like: digital wallpapers, posters, book/cd covers



Character Animator

  • experience pixel artist
  • paid contract
  • remote work
  • minimum 5 years experience in similar role
  • ability to match HFA’s existing style
  • to work on enemy/NPC sprites with fluid animations

Please email your portfolio and CV to:


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