Merry Fishmas! Chucklefish Games are on sale!

Merry Fishmas, everyone!

Chucklefish games are going for cheap throughout the holidays! Thank you for making 2015 such an awesome year! <3

  • StarboundSave 33% – Steam
  • Wanderlust AdventuresSave 34% – Steam
  • InterstellariaSave 50% – Steam
  • HalfwaySave 70% – Steam + Humble
  • Risk of RainSave 75% Steam
  • Wanderlust RebirthSave 88% – Steam




    1. Or you could just flatout buy the game at full price to show your appreciation for the amazing game that they’ve worked so hard on. Just saying.

      1. OR there’s a reason Terraria out sells Starbound to this day, coming from someone who has payed for a 4 pack at full price I think it’s a bit ridiculous they consider 33% a reasonable discount for a game in EA for how long now?

        1. It’s pretty common for an early access game to not go on sale for as much as you’d expect a normal game to. I suppose it’s because the “full game” hasn’t released yet technically. Although early access should offer a heftier discount, in general, considering the risk of buying a game like that. Chucklefish has done a good job, but some devs don’t care about fans or finishing games.

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