We’re very excited to announce we’ve partnered with Robotality to bring you their new game Pathway!

Pathway is a turn-based strategy RPG which utilizes pixel/voxel hybrid technology to enhance the gorgeous and detailed pixel art with depth, lighting and shadows – the effect is stunning. With dynamically generated adventure campaigns and branching choices, players will have the opportunity to have a truly unique story each time they play.

THE YEAR IS 1936 …
It is a time of global unrest as German military influence is spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East. Rumors of frantic excavations and strange artifacts, not to mention ghastly occult rituals, have begun to surface across secret communication channels.

Morten has vanished. The Nazis took him because he interfered with their occult research. We have to rescue him before it’s too late. And afterwards, who knows what other adventures await?


Robotality previously developed Halfway, their future themed turn-based RPG released in 2014. This follow up project applies many lessons learned while making that game. Their custom built technology and tools really help elevate Pathway’s gameplay to a new level.

You can learn more about Pathway on Robotality’s twitter, their development blog, or the game’s website. You can also visit the Pathway steam page to wishlist and receive updates there. Stay tuned for more details over the next few months – this one will be coming soon!

We are expanding!

We are looking for another gameplay programmer to join our team and help us deliver the projects that are currently in production. This programmer will be working with the Technical Director and the Lead Programmer of the team they’re assigned to, and will be responsible for implementing not only various gameplay elements, but also other parts of the game, such as UI, systems, and tools.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read the details below and apply directly to business@chucklefish.org

This position will be based in our London office, so eligibility to work in the UK is a requirement.

Gameplay Programmer

The games currently being developed are written in C++ or Rust, using custom engines, with additional scripting in Lua. Strong knowledge of software engineering, game development techniques, and computer science is essential.


  • Work with the Lead Programmer of the project to achieve the project goals
  • Work with the wider team to deliver the best game that fulfills the vision of the project
  • Work with the wider team to help identify technical problems and help solving them, such as pipelining and tooling issues
  • Pro-actively identify issues in the game or codebase and improve it
  • Help us deliver a high-quality product within the schedule


  • Knowledge and experience with videogames, especially indie games
  • Experience with modern C++, Rust, or another modern native “systems programming” language
  • Hands on experience implementing a variety of different gameplay experiences
  • Strong grasp of software engineering
  • Strong ability of understanding an unfamiliar code base, and being able to effectively debug it
  • Flexible with technology and always willing to learn new things
  • Understanding of distributed source control (such as git)
  • Good communication skills, not only with the team lead, but also with non-technical members of the team
  • Able to work without the need for being micro-managed
  • Capable of excelling in a relaxed open office environment
  • Able to work in our office in London (we have office dogs!)

Desirable skills

  • A good sense of game design and content design, especially for strategy and RPG games
  • Experience with C++14, Rust, and Lua
  • Experience working, testing and debugging games on consoles
  • Experience with LotCheck/TRC/TCR
  • Experience working with remote contractors
  • Experience with UI implementation