Set sail for Wayward Tide!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest in-house development at Chucklefish:


Wayward Tide is a co-operative top-down action adventure game, taking place in a treacherous archipelago during the golden age of piracy. You and up to three other friends will find yourselves in a bustling sea-town, ready to swash-buckle your way through five mysterious islands, of ever increasing riches (and difficulty). You’ll battle dangerous enemies, hoard treasures, solve fiendish puzzles and avoid deadly traps… or maybe you’ll backstab your crew to get ahead!

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One of the key features we’re focusing on is the nature of the puzzles and traps, which will introduce a competitive edge to the co-op experience. For instance, you and your friends might find yourself dealing with a pressure plate trap.

The solution would involve everyone stepping off at the same time. Stepping off too early will unhelpfully drop a boulder on your friend. We’re currently planning on a way to resurrect co-op players from time to time, so it’s not game over if a few of you get killed along the way.

Be warned, however – Death comes at a price. If all players die, they’ll find themselves washed up at the starting town. The treasure will carry over, allowing them to upgrade in the town stores, but the next attempt at the island will be a different experience thanks to the randomly generated levels.

Planned Features: 

  • 1-4 Player Support (Local and Online Co-op)
  • Competitive Co-op Experience
  • Randomly Generated levels
  • Five distinct islands with their own theme, enemies, puzzles and traps
  • Modding Support


The Team: 

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re a dedicated team at Chucklefish – Working independently from the Starbound team.


SamuriFerret– Artist |  Palf – Coder | Rosie – Producer | Supernorn – Artist


Community and Modding: 

We’re still very early in development, and there are a lot of decisions yet to be made. The vibrant community of Starbound has been a great success, and that’s partly due to the modding scene. We want to encourage the same with this game, so the current plan is to make our development toolset available shortly after the game is released.

We’ll be looking to the community to tell us what they want to see, so get in touch via this blog, or alternatively on Twitter (@waywardtide).


  1. Looks really cool! Can’t wait to throw some money at it. 😀

    I really hope it’s not too focused on co-op, though. I only play solo games.

    1. Solo play is important to me too, so the game will definitely be playable on your own. It has to be an engaging single-player experience, otherwise I’m going to get really bored play-testing it…

      We’ve talked about the co-op play a lot because some of the game’s uniqueness comes from the decision-making forced on players. The notion of choosing to work co-operatively or competitively, and having that switch during gameplay, is something we feel is inherent to the pirate experience. We’ve got some cool ideas on how to implement that for co-op, but it’s difficult to see how to apply that to single player – do we leave that part of the experience out? Do we create an AI-controlled crew for you? We don’t know yet, so these are topics we’ll be opening for discussion in the future.

      1. “AI-controlled crew ”

        PLEASE NO!

        Make a game solo, playable with friend, and extensible with 100+ friends

        Don’t stick with a number, it’s stupid, i don’t play solo games anymore

        1. I liked how Beyond Good & Evil treated the idea – Pey’j and Double H would perform supportive actions only when you needed them. I want to avoid it because it’s more code to write! We’ll open this topic for discussion again when we’re getting close to implementing it.

        2. Please don’t. I live in South East Asia, it’s hard to find a good connection around here, and there are almost zero interest for people to host anything. I haven’t been playing Starbound from December since I’m waiting for the quest content to arrive. Connecting to hosts which are mainly in the states with 300ms is killing me.

      2. I would like to know if the player would be bound to the towns or it would be possible to find a cave or a small island and make it in to a base.
        I also like to ask if the game will be exploration based only for money and resources or that it would be mined/purchased and if everything is bought in the game or made/crafted?

        also I must say the art style looks amazing and very appealing and I really am hoping this game would be as great as it seems right now or even better

    1. tl;dr: mockups

      Long version: these are all real game assets, which we’ve composited for the banners. Every element you see in them is planned to appear in game, although they may go through some iterations yet. It’s possible to create all the shots you see with the game engine, but I’d consider that cheating 🙂

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  2. Hey,

    The game is looking great, loving the bright stylized design of the pixel art.

    If you’re ever looking for extra freelance pixel artists to help out then give me a shout.
    I’ve helped out the guys from ‘Witchmarsh’ in the past and worked on ‘Freedom Planets’ environmental art, I also produced all the art for a puzzle platformer called ‘Poncho’ that has just hit Kickstarter and is heading to EGX this month.

    Keep up the good work, its looking awesome.

      1. If anyone’s wondering why, basically, imagine how long would it take you to sit someone down and explain to them what every line of code they will be working with does, provided they already know all the tools you use, and WANTS to use those exact same tools without suggesting their favorites.

        Like how it takes longer to find good multiplayer partners who want to do what you want to do than it does to play a game on xbox live.

  3. Any plan on what Dead Pirates™ can do after they’ve been Ruthlessly Betrayed™? If my buddy lets me fall into a spike pit and then goes on to finish the rest of the dungeon by himself, what am I left doing to keep from being bored without leaving the game room?

    1. We’ve got some options to explore in that area, and we need to decide which makes most sense given the setting. We’ll put up a blog post dedicated to this topic in a few months.

  4. I want to know how you’ll make this a pirate game. There are a lot of games that have pirates, but they don’t seem to capture the soul of pirates. What exactly will you guys be bringing to the table?

  5. kyren mentions that WT will be based on Haskell. Will you give some insights about the problems you encounter, what reactive library you use, how you deal with GC and so on? As far as I know there’s only one other game written in Haskell that has been (successfully) published yet, so I’m really excited about this one.

      1. “Nikki and the robots”, see for the /r/haskell post. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a real success for Joyride Laboratories, as far as I know, and their website is currently defunct. They made their darcs repository available ( a year later. Nikki didn’t use FRP at all and was written in a more imperative way with Qt. Nikki actually went into greenlight, but got greenlighted way, way late. 🙁

        1. Interesting stuff, thanks for the info! Keep an eye out for technical updates – I’ll try to address every technical question raised, so either post questions here or to Twitter.

      2. Really excited to read about it! I’ve been learning/making things in Haskell for a while now, literally just started toying with FRP a few days ago. It’s cool to see it getting some actual use by an actual, accomplished game company. When Omni mentioned Haskell as a prefered language for future development I sort of thought he was making a joke 😀 this could be good for the language, actually!

    1. This was what made me interested in this game. Serious nerdgasm over here. Haskell jumps back and forth between my first and second favorite language, but I’ve only seen it effectively used for tools, so I’ll be following the development of this game for that reason alone. This is exciting.

  6. What kind of software development / project management process are you using? If it’s nothing with a known name, then how do you organize the development process briefly? Will you stick to how they managed Starbound?

    1. We’ve got a different setup to Starbound, because there are far fewer developers (just one!) and they’re not remotely located. It’s agile, with weekly demos to maintain accountability.

  7. Hi , it would be nice , if you included any skills/lvling up system – something similliar to old good Sierra`s -Hero`s Quest (Quest for Glory) -please consider this –

  8. Hi, the game looks amazing and I’m extremely exited I also hope its like One Piece :D!
    But I have one question will there be character customization because I find that adds a lot to games but that could just be me.

  9. The million dollar question is….

    Will it have ship battles? Will you be able to battle and board ships? Will you be able to customize and upgrade your ship for combat? Could you rule the 7 seas?

  10. Has Wayward Tide been abandoned?

    This blog hasn’t been updated monthly as promised. And the Twitch page hasn’t had any real Wayward Tide information for about 9 months.

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