Stardew Valley: Porting & Multiplayer Mode!

In case you missed it, ConcernedApe recently posted a Stardew Valley​ progress update in which he announced that we’ll be taking on porting, localization for non-English regions and development of Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode!


As fans of Stardew Valley ourselves, we’re super excited about this! We’re working with Sickhead Games​ on Mac and Linux ports, and our very own Tom Coxon – developer of Lenna’s Inception and a programmer on Starbound – is leading the project, as well as developing  co-op multiplayer for Stardew Valley.

ConcernedApe will retain creative control over everything, of course, and we will be working very closely with him to ensure that the game’s overall intimate feeling and personality is retained in every version of the game.

The idea is to considerably reduce ConcernedApe’s workload and allow him to focus on making cool stuff! He’s listed some of the aforementioned cool stuff in his blog post, so go check it out!


  1. exciting stuff! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this game. I’m so excited to be able to play it soon! I’d love to see a 3DS port being made as that’s my favorite gaming platform at the moment. thanks guys for all your work

    1. It will come to consoles indefenately, he is one man and he said he wants to Finnish The pc version first then he will start on the consoles atleast that’s what I think he said in the interview.

  2. Ah common, letting a company do their first desktop port while there is @flibitijibibo who had a provisionally but working port a few days after release…
    Please, for the sake of this port, if it turns out Sickhead Games are struggling producing a proper port, let @flibitijibibo do it

  3. I love this game because I’m a huge fan of the Harvest Moon series. It seems to have all of the elements that I loved about Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. I can go to the mine and get tons of rocks and ores, plant tons of stuff and even auto-water things with sprinklers. I just started it but I’m already having tons of fun!

  4. Support for Brazilian Portuguese, Yer!! There is already a translation by fans who is impeccable, but see a official translation, without fear of bug in the save and everything…. would be beautiful !!

  5. Hey Molly, how are things going on the Multiplayer side of things? Are we going to be expecting an update on how things have been working out any time soon now? Been waiting eagerly for multiplayer on PC :D.

    Not trying to rush you all at Chucklefish, it’s just that the game has died down a bit for me on the single player side of things. Wish you the best ^.^

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