Hey everyone!

Finally, we’ve released the modding tools for Halfway on Steam and Humble. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to have a 25% sale for one week on Steam, Humble and on our Humble-Widget. If you still haven’t bought the game, now would be a good time.

As a small thank you to our existing players, we’ve decided to add a “Game Mode ++” to the game. This is an extra hard version of the original game with some new challenges and some tougher enemies for all of you who finished the game already.

If you are looking for a bit more information and some tips and tricks to start your modding adventure, head over to our official website .

We are really looking forward to seeing what stories you want to tell, and please be sure to let us know if you have something to show. We love to hear from you!

Let the modding begin!



Hey everyone, I’ve got some great news for all the music lovers out there:

Gavin Harrison, our super talented composer of the music for Halfway, finished working on the Halfway OST!

Go grab it here:
(Only  £3.99/$6.49)

It’s not just a simple copy & paste release of the music of Halfway– all songs got a touch up and plenty of love. Additionally, it includes 4 unreleased bonus tracks that never made it into the game itself, but were too beautiful to just let them rot on Gavin’s hard drive. So what are you waiting for? 😉


In other news:

I have some other great news for you: Halfway is currently part of the “End of Summer Sale” until the 22nd of September over at Humble Store and on our own website:

Humble Store

Halfway Website

So go get it while it is cheap! 🙂