Interstellaria, the real-time space exploration sim and crew management game by one-man-dev-team Coldrice Games, finally has a release date! The game will be available on Steam 17th July for PC, Mac and Linux at $9.99 / £6.998,99€. For now, you can check out the Steam page in advance and watch the launch trailer above!

  • Tactical crew management. Direct crewmen to put out fires or repair damaged equipment. Posting them to their station boost your fleets speed and combat abilities.
  • Sims-like crew. They eat, sleep, and they need to be entertained. Each one develops unique traits throughout the game that help or hurt the mission. Various outfits and weapons can be found to customize them further.
  • Fleet-based combat. Instead of controlling a single ship, you control multiple ships, each with their own crew!
  • Fully explorable galaxy, no areas are off limits. Each region has unique ships, aliens, and mysteries to find.
  • Land your ships on planets! Each world is a new experience and has special rewards for you and your crew.
  • Featuring an all original soundtrack from the incredibly popular chiptune musician Chipzel.

Take a look at Interstellaria’s press kit for unedited gameplay footage, screenshots, logos and more info about the game and its developer.

Interstellaria website
@Coldrice_Dev on Twitter
Interstellaria on Facebook

Afternoon, all! It’s been a little while since we did a good general news round-up. Let’s fix that!


Our blog is chock full of the latest in Starbound developments– we post there nearly every week day, but here’s a quick run-down in case you haven’t been keeping up! We launched some pretty big stable updates in late January and April, with several stability patches in between. There have been far too many changes and additions to go into much detail in this little space, so check the patch notes!


Wanderlust Adventures launched their Steam page in late March, and more recently they’ve entered closed betaLeth regularly streams the game’s development as well, and there are a number of streamers that have been playing the game as well!


Robit Studios is now Robit Games, LLC and has a very snazzy new logo to boot! They’ve also released an updated demo of Treasure Adventure World to the public which should better reflect the current state of the game. TAW is shaping up to be super fun and absolutely gorgeous, so go check out the new demo pronto!


ConcernedApe has been systematically going through absolutely everything to ensure that it’s release-ready– exciting news! He’s also implemented new wood-panel dialogue boxes that fit in quite well with the rural charm of the game and have the added bonus of fixing a bunch of issues he’d been having with the old dialogue boxes. ConcernedApe is a busy guy, but he posts development updates on the Stardew Valley blog every month or so. Definitely check it out if you’re interested in keeping up with the game’s development!


The guys over at Hopoo Games released a patch that includes Steam Cloud saving and lots of bug fixes! A lot of the connectivity issues that players were experiencing should be fixed, so if that’s something you’d had trouble with you’re in luck!


Inglenook opened up pre-orders for Witchmarsh in April and released some super cool UI screenshots since then, including one of an inventory full of intriguing items. We’re particularly interested in the flaming kazoo. That’s a sentence you don’t get to write very often.


Huge update on the Lenna’s Inception front– the art has been completely overhauled, courtesy of our very own SamuriFerret! Developer Tom Coxon has also released a few new screenshots via Twitter, including a title screen sequence, a redesign of the game’s menu screens, and new tiles for the autumn biome.


Coldrice has had to delay the launch of Interstellaria until after the Steam Summer Sale, but the good news is that the game is close to finished! The small delay has allowed him time to rework some game mechanics he wasn’t quite happy with, and somehow the game now looks like even more fun than it did before.